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Tel. +1 (571) 250-5656

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Swiss Tech was founded in 1994 in Switzerland by Marco Bachmann following the invention of the first signature product that offered the safest and easiest way to climb any mast- the patented Swiss Tech Mastlift.  Other models were soon developed for use in industrial applications and today these units are approved through DGUV test certification in Europe.  Many other innovative products followed and new designs join the extensive range of must-have onboard items every year.

The Swiss Tech products were introduced to the US market place by Swiss Tech America in 2001.

In 2011 Swiss Tech was transformed into SWI-TEC and integrated with the in-house manufacturing company Neveta Náutica S.L. located in Mallorca, Spain.  The basic philosophy remained unchanged: SWI-TEC develops and manufactures special products for everyday use on board to make life easier and safer for you.  Only high-quality materials are used in the production of every product to ensure yacht accessories with extreme durability and excellent quality.

In the US, both a change in company name and business ownership occurred in November 2011 when Swiss Tech America became SWI-TEC America LLC and moved to Virginia.  Our mission is to offer the best and most innovative products under one roof.  First and foremost are of course the products manufactured by Neveta Náutica S.L. and presented under the SWI-TEC trademark.  Other products that fit into the category of high quality products for the marine market is the ground tackle from WASI Maritim and Ketten Wälder, the Meteograph / marine barograph from Räber Electronic Instruments, rope / weed cutters from Prop-Protector and desalination units from Rainman.

Erik Harrweg

Erik Harrweg - SWI-TEC America LLC

You are invited to explore this website for more detailed information of our line of products and up-to-date listing of prices and/or new products.  Our cartoon character “Maxi” will be happy to give you some very helpful advice through our SWI-TEC video animations which you can find on this website.

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