WASI Power Ball

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The perfect connection between the anchor and the chain!  

The Power Ball is the perfect anchor-to-chain connector. The full swivel ball and socket design permits the rotation around its own axis and swivels up to 30° in all directions. It is considerably stronger than the matching chain and is also certified by German Lloyd’s. The Stainless Steel chain is the third component in this truly unique Ground Tackle System. The tensile strength is significantly higher than galvanized steel chain and the polished stainless steel surface has a self-cleaning effect which allows the smooth running of the chain. Technical specifications are listed in the price sheet.

Technical Data

Art. No. M8304-5-6 (Alt. Art. No. 8000)

  • Power Ball: 6mm (1/4") chain, max. shank thickness 16mm (5/8")
  • Breaking Load: 24.00 KN

Art.-No. M8304-5-8 (Alt. Art. No. 8001)

  • Power Ball: 8mm (5/16") chain, max. shank thickness 20mm (13/16")
  • Breaking Load: 40.00 KN

Art.-No. M8304-5-10 (Alt. Art. No. 8002)

  • Power Ball: 10mm (3/8") chain, max. shank thickness 20mm (13/16")
  • Breaking Load: 64.00 KN

Art.-No. M8304-5-10/13 (Alt. Art. No. 8003)

  • Power Ball: 10mm (3/8") chain, max. shank thickness 24mm (15/16")
  • Breaking Load: 64.00 KN

Art.-No. M8304-5-13 (Alt. Art. No. 8004)

  • Power Ball: 13mm (1/2"), max. shank thickness 24mm (15/16")
  • Breaking Load:  108.00 KN

Art.-No. M8304-5-16 (Alt. Art. No. 8005) Note: Special Order Only

  • Power Ball: 16mm (5/8"), max. shank thickness 39mm (1 17/32")
  • Breaking Load:  160.00 KN

Art.-No. M8304-5-20 (Alt. Art. No. 8019) Note: Special Order Only

  • Power Ball: 20mm (7/8"), max. shank thickness 54mm (2 1/8")
  • Breaking Load:  250.00 KN

Use the Power Ball Size Selection Chart below to find the correct model for your application.  Chain Size (A2) and the width of the Anchor Head Slot (B2) determine the appropriate size.

Power Ball Dimensions

Power Ball Selection Guide


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WASI Power Ball

WASI Power Ball

WASI Power Ball - the perfect connection between the anchor and the chain!  

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