Collection: Mastlift

Climbing up the mast on a sailboat is always a challenge, especially if you are alone.  That’s not a problem if you have the SWI-TEC Mastlift!  You can easily carry out all maintenance and cleaning tasks on the mast by yourself without any help from someone on deck.  You can even work above the mast with the use of the SWI-TEC Masthead Harness.  The SWI-TEC Mastlift is certified by German Lloyd, it is the absolute safest and easiest way to climb a mast.  Just hoist the Mastlift on the halyard(s) of your choice; there is no need for extra mast fittings.  You are in total control of your ascent and descent simply by pulling on one side of the Endless Line or the other.  As soon as you stop pulling you also stop moving, you are secured at any height and time and have both hands free to work.  The reduction is 10:1, so you are guaranteed an easy climb. Working on the mast has never been easier or safer than with the innovative SWI-TEC Mastlift.

There are two models to choose from, 13m (43 ft) or 25m (82 ft), depending on the height of the mast.

Available accessories turn the Mastlift into a multi-purpose lifting system for persons, pets, and toys.