Collection: Hydro Charger

How do I get enough electricity on board! Probably the most important question nowadays when sailing. We have developed the answer -> Our SWI-TEC Hydro Charger

Electronic devices are becoming increasingly popular on the high seas. Whether refrigerators, cell phones, laptops, or various other electrical systems, many do not want to do without them. Our generator uses the energy of the water and turns it into electricity.

The generator is simply lowered into the water while sailing and electricity is generated, and the batteries are charged. The intelligent controller combines both the power generated by the Hydro Charger and a photovoltaic source.

Generates power from 4 knots (depending on hull shape and adjustment of the propeller blade pitch) of 50 to 600 Watts depending on speed and battery load.

Check out our website at for more information on all the advantages and technical details.  There you will also find videos and reports.