Collection: Hydro Charger Spare Parts

Simple replacement for the Hydro Charger

  • Our SWI-TEC Hydro Charger is used all over the world and covers thousands of miles. Unfortunately, it can happen that the generator breaks down.

To avoid the great effort and high cost of shipping the unit to the factory for repair, we now also offer several items as spare parts.

(1) Generator unit ready to fit including the Pylon and Support (less the Propeller and the Lifting Mechanism)

  • 7500: Hydro Charger Generator spare part 12V ready to fit, without propeller
  • 7501: Hydro Charger Generator spare part 24V ready to fit, without propeller

(2) Generator unit and Pylon (less the Support, Propeller and Lifting Mechanism).

  • 7505: Hydro Charger Pylon 12V without support and propeller
  • 7506: Hydro Charger Pylon 24V without support and propeller

Other spare parts include:

  • 7152: Hydro & Solar Hybrid Charge Controller
  • 7250: Propeller Assembly
  • 7252: Propeller Blade (Set of 3)