Automatic marking buoy with auto retrieving extension mechanism

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Quick setting marking buoy for the Coast Guard, Oil Riggers Water Sanctuaries


  • Easy and quick to deploy and retrieve
  • Cuts the cost to having to have divers to deploy buoy
  • Marks and holds exact positions
  • Does away with having to take depths and measure chain lengths
  • No nets or heavy anchoring equipment necessary
  • Unsinkable due to sealed-in, buoyant foam material throughout
  • Available with emergency flashing signal light


Our marking buoy always stay in the exact position in the water due to is extension mecha­nism that makes sure that only the necessary amount of belt is released, as it rides the waves and holds against flood and ebbing currents.

The total length of the stainless steel, spring-loaded internal belt is 20 meters (66 feet). For deeper waters, we supply extension lines (belts) so that the buoy can be set at deeper depths.

The anchoring belt rolls in and out with tension provided by an internal, long lasting stainless steel spring mechanism.

Thanks to an intelligent technology, the belt only needs to have from 12 to 20 kgs (25 to 45 Ibs) of weight, depending on depth of the water, wea­ther and sea conditions at the location site.

The buoy is also suited to be effective and effi­cient in frozen water zones because the weights can’t be lifted out of the water, if this happens, the spring can yielding.


Possible uses:

The Swi-Tec marking buoy is excellently suited to be a quick-setting, restricted area marker for zoning off emergency or out of bounds boating or swimming areas. An outstanding feature of this buoy is that it can be deployed and retrieved easily and quickly by only one person.

It is indispensable for marking off accident zo­nes, or short-term water hazards that might arise quickly and unaticipated.

Mark your waters with the SWI-TEC Automatic marking buoy

Technical Data

Art. No. : 4023

  • Weight : 7.8 Kg
  • Measure: D=45 cm, H=88 cm (17 and 35 inches)
  • Material: Polyethylen
  • Color: bright colorfast yellow, UV resistant
  • Buoyancy: 56 Kg (124 lbs)
  • Lenght of rode: 20 m Polyeste belt (66 feet)
  • Belt test weight: 500 Kg (1105 lbs)
  • Mechanics : Stainless steel


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Automatic marking buoy with auto retrieving extension mechanism

Automatic marking buoy with auto retrieving extension mechanism

Automatic marking buoy with auto retrieving extension mechanism 

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