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Chair for Special Access (Mobility Challenged/Handicapped)

Chair for Special Access (Mobility Challenged/Handicapped)

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The innovative lifting aid for wheelchair users!

No more restrictions with our transfer aid. People who are dependent on a wheelchair or are otherwise mobility challenged can easily get on and off board.

To ensure a safe transition from the dock to the boat, we recommend using our 13m Mastlift with a shorter Endless Line.  The Mastlift can be attached to the main boom or spinnaker pole depending on your boat setup.

The Mastlift with its 10:1 ratio can also be used for Man-Over-Board maneuvers.

The seat can be adjusted to any size and protects the person from falling out in case of a fainting spell.  A water-resistant bag is included.

With our innovative product, a safe and simple sailing experience for people with disabilities is possible!

Important: The Mastlift is not included and must be ordered separately.

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