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Endless Line

Endless Line

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Endless Lines are spliced end-to-end to form a constant diameter, continuous loop for use with the SWI-TEC Mastlift.

Select the proper length according to the measurement of your mast from deck level to the top of the mast.  It is preferable to keep the Reach Length somewhat shorter by about 1 to 3 ft than the measured mast length.

  • 7008: Reach Length = 30ft (9m)
  • 7009: Reach Length = 38ft (11.5m)
  • 7010: Reach Length = 42ft (13m)
  • 7011: Reach Length = 50ft (15m)
  • 7012: Reach Length = 56ft (17m)
  • 7013: Reach Length = 62ft (19m)
  • 7014: Reach Length = 70ft (21m)
  • 7015: Reach Length = 80ft (24m)
  • Custom lengths can be ordered.
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