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Gangway Attachment Fitting, Surface Mount

Gangway Attachment Fitting, Surface Mount

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The multi-location Gangway Bracket, made of stainless steel, gives you many installation options. It can be installed at the stern or sides, or thanks to the supplied counter plate and screws you have the option of attaching to a stanchion. The inclination can also be adjusted for proper alignment.
Suitable for railing diameters up to 30 mm.

We offer different models, depending on the pin diameter of the Gangway:
8036: Ø 20 mm (for Gangway “New-Mini”)
8037: Ø 25 mm (for third-party models)
8038: Ø 30 mm (for Gangway “Light” and “Classic”)

Is getting on and off your boat becoming achallenge?  A Gangway from SWI-TEC mightjust be the answer to providing safety and ease when transitioning from dock toyour boat!  SWI-TEC offers a wide rangeof different models and accessories to create the optimal solution for yourspecific needs.The SWI-TEC Gangways are offered in threedifferent lengths: 2 m (78 in), 2.5 m (98 in) and 3 m (118 in).Two folding options are available:single-fold (2-Sections) or double-fold (3-Sections).The frames of all Gangways are made ofAluminum while the steps depending on the Gangway model can be ordered eitherin Aluminum, Teak/Iroko or Ipe.Different mounting options are available aswell as accessories such as Gangway Holder, Storage Bags, Storage Brackets, andNon-slip Mats.Ask us about custom-made Gangways if none of thestandard sizes meet your needs.

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