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Vendor: Swi Tec S.L.

Self-Adjusting Anchor Buoy

Self-Adjusting Anchor Buoy

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Mark your anchor location with the SWI-TEC Self-Adjusting Anchor Buoy!

Our Self-Adjusting Anchor Buoy, in production for over 25 years, marks the exact position of the anchor. The Anchor Buoy always floats above the anchor using a specially designed belt retraction mechanism.  It can be used in water depths down to 30 m (98 ft) with the use of an Extension Belt.

The belt can be used as a trip line to break out the anchor due to its high tensile strength of 500 kg (1,102 lbs).

The stainless-steel U-bracket allows you to easily snag the buoy when retrieving, and the edge guard protects both the buoy and your boat.

The basic version can be used up to a water depth of 20 m (65 ft), this can be extended by another 10 m (32 ft) with the Extension Belt.  We offer the practical Buoy Rack as an accessory for storage.

The robust but light plastic body is provided with a safety luminous reflective tape (3M), which makes the buoy visible even in the dark. For even better visibility, we recommend our Flashing Strobe Light.

If you would like to add the boat name to your buoy, we offer a Boat Name decal and a Do Not Anchor decal should deter other boaters from using it as a mooring buoy.

  • 1020: Self-Adjusting Anchor Buoy
  • 1021: Buoy Rack
  • 1018: Extension Belt, 10 m (32 ft)
  • 1014: Flashing Strobe Light (white)
  • 1022: Decal - Individual Boat Name Decal
  • 2041: Decal - Do Not Anchor

If you should ever have a problem with your buoy, you can find the right spare parts here -> Spare parts for anchor buoy.

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